A Natural Healing Lightening Brightening Oil Blend. Dr. Ben Talei

AuraSilk Will Change How You Feel About Your Skin

AuraSilk is crafted to protect your skin and promote healing after surgery or from environmental factors like sun damage or old scars


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“I’ve always had sensitive and dry skin. This oil has improved my skin quality and made my skin glow. THANK YOU”

Jenni C.

“I love wearing tank tops and cut offs at the beach or the gym. I started using this oil for the eczema on my deltoids and within a week I saw improvement in my skin. I am forever grateful for this oil and for both Dr. Talei’s.”

Dan B.

“I can’t stop using this oil! I use it for any issue my skin has and it has never let me down.  An oil that does it all.

Blair R.


“Love this oil! My skin can’t live without it!”

Cynthia F.

Models Ava Lane and Meredith Mickelson use AuraSilk!