About Dr. Ben Talei

Dr. Ben Talei Presenting AuraSilk - a natural healing, lightening, brightening oil blend with sun protection

Growing up, Ben Talei and his mother would blend different varieties of tea leaves in order to achieve the most pleasant aromatic flora, flavor, and color.  After mixing endless types, his favorite became a combination of Earl Grey and English Breakfast.  Once the right ingredients were found, they continued to modify the color and flavor by changing the ratio of the ingredients, which also had a profound effect on the final product of the teas.  

As a young child, Ben watched his father, Dr. Talei Senior, a PharmD and Ph.D., dealing with and creating various formulations and combinations of essential oils. Dr. Talei Sr. felt that essential oils had numerous properties both in healing and rejuvenation. These ideals were instilled in Ben by his father and have resonated with him since.

Together, these two beliefs led to Dr. Ben Talei’s mindset of creating the perfect oil blend, AuraSilk. His goal was to create an all-natural oil with no toxins; an oil blend that could be used on all skin types.  Promoting overall skin health would allow lightening of melasma on sensitive skin, healing of scars, moisturizing of dry skin, healing eczema amongst a host of other properties. Remembering the therapeutic effects of aroma and character, Dr. Talei realized the healing properties of oils were not limited to their inherent abilities but how they would act once mixed with other oils to intrinsically calm the skin, body, and senses all at once.  

The goal in creating the AuraSilk Oil was to produce a natural, toxin-free serum which would take advantage of the body's own ability to heal.  Dr. Talei spent over a year mixing and studying various formulations before finding the perfect blend of natural oils that could moisturize, lighten, brighten and heal the skin while also having a calming and aromatic therapeutic effect.  

Dr. Ben TaleiPharmaceutical compounds for skin lightening and pore reduction are extremely effective, but they can also be quite irritating for many patients.  In Dr. Talei’s experience, and after extensive research, it appears that no single oil can do the job of these compounds.   However, when combined, the cumulative effect of the 20 oils found in AuraSilk is outstanding. Each oil in this serum has a unique property that becomes enhanced when mixed with other complementary oils. 

The patients who have used AuraSilk Oil confirm that this oil blend is able to gently lighten and brighten the skin, aid in the healing of new and old scars, and dramatically improve the overall radiance of the skin.  Although this oil was formulated by Dr. Talei for the face, the patients that have used the oil have enjoyed its use all over the body including the hands where it acts as a natural moisturizer and healing serum.    

For most patients, the aroma alone is reason enough to use the oil. Complementary notes of lavender, tea tree oil, and argan oil dominate the character of the oil and have a therapeutic effect of relaxation.

In Dr. Talei’s practice, the oil blend is routinely used after surgery for incisional healing and to aid the effects of pharmaceutical compounds when they are needed.  

Dr. Ben Talei